Best Mother’s Day Gifts For Mom Entrepreneurs

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and while we love breakfast in bed, flowers and handmade cards, sometimes what we REALLY want isn’t obvious to our beloved gift givers.  We’ve curated an assortment of ideas from members of our Business Among Moms community that will cover your wish list; whether you are hoping for […]

Three Reasons People Are Not Buying From You

  Are you wondering why you are having a hard time getting your business off the ground?  Do you have a great product or service but sales just aren’t where they should be? In my years of working with mom entrepreneurs, I’ve learned some critical and simple tips from several of our members that when […]

How To Use Facebook Advertising For Your Site

disclosure:  this is a sponsored post and compensation was received in exchange for content Over a billion people use Facebook on a regular basis. With such a massive base of active users, the site is one of the best advertising tools available in the entire world. Where else can you reach 15 percent of the […]

Power of Print

Disclosure:  This post is sponsored and compensation was received. Marketing mavens, don’t forget about print In today’s ever-changing media environment, marketing options abound. Since your teenage daughter never puts down her phone, and now that your dad has a solid handle on how to use Google, it must be time to throw out print marketing and shift […]

How To Write A Press Release

Writing a press release doesn’t have to mean hiring an expensive PR firm.  You just have to know the basics and how to approach it from the perspective of editors, journalists and media folks that receive hundreds a day.  If you want yours to make it into the “yes” pile – here are some easy […]

How To Grow Your Network With Facebook Groups

    Do you belong to any Facebook groups?  They can be a fantastic way to build relationships, get access to information, share opportunities and actually do business.  They can also be a spam-fest.  When someone posts in the group with an “ad” do you read it?  Or do you immediately tune out?   Remember that […]

Get Your Business Featured in our Newsletter

Are you looking for an affordable way to get the message out about your business, product or service?  Consider a spot in our weekly newsletter.  This will receive prominent placement in our newsletter after the featured article, includes 1 image and up to 150 word description for $25.  If your business is one of the […]