Gmail users: How To Save Hours on Email Followup

Do you find yourself sending the same email over and over to people you meet at: Networking Events Trade Shows People that expressed an interest in your product or service If you use Gmail, there is a way you can save hours on email followup – Gmail Canned Responses.  This is a lab that allows […]

Three Reasons People Are Not Buying From You

  Are you wondering why you are having a hard time getting your business off the ground?  Do you have a great product or service but sales just aren’t where they should be? In my years of working with mom entrepreneurs, I’ve learned some critical and simple tips from several of our members that when […]

Increase Your Credibility With Online Reviews

Last week, our Renton chapter of Business Among Moms was fortunate to learn about the power of customer feedback and online reviews.  After our networking, our speaker, Christopher Lollini of Reputation Igniter shared how reviews can provide a huge opportunity for small businesses to increase your credibility with online reviews. Before I recap his teaching, here […]

Six Tips For Getting Your Invoices Paid Faster

Small businesses and freelancers depend on their invoices’ being paid in a timely fashion. Without the financial wiggle room that larger companies have, you’ve probably felt the weight of pending invoices while trying to run your small business. You shouldn’t have to try to force your clients to pay you on time if you employ practices […]

Six Smart Sources For Funding Your Start Up

You are so excited to start your brand new business! You’ve picked out the office space, the couches, and even asked your friends if they’d work for you when the time comes. The only problem is that you lack one thing – funding. While you might have a couple thousand set aside, it won’t be […]