Best Mother’s Day Gifts For Mom Entrepreneurs

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and while we love breakfast in bed, flowers and handmade cards, sometimes what we REALLY want isn’t obvious to our beloved gift givers.  We’ve curated an assortment of ideas from members of our Business Among Moms community that will cover your wish list; whether you are hoping for […]

Featured Mompreneur Denise R. Myers of YBRCoaching

Why Did You Start Your Business? Because Time Starved Professional Women deserve to feel accomplished, loved & supported along their journeys. My passion is to help women in business have the right skill set Inside to execute all of the skills they have learned outside to succeed in their business…other than a hobby. Its about […]

Featured Mompreneur Sheri Gazitt of Teen Wise

Why Did You Start Your Business? I started my business because I’m passionate about helping teens and their parents through some of the difficulties of adolescence. There seem to be many resources for extreme situations such as suicide, drug addiction, bullying, and clinical anxiety or depression. My goal is to support parents and teens with […]

Delivering Play: Meet Karen Whittier of Rent The Toy Chest

Why did you start your business?   My main goal behind Rent the ToyChest was to get kidlets playing…and playing in a more traditional way with non-electronic devices. My (first) education and experience was in engineering. Engineering requires a lot of problem-solving, divergent and creative thinking. My subsequent education and experience was in early childhood […]