• Success Summit, May19th-2017

Six Tips For Getting Your Invoices Paid Faster

Small businesses and freelancers depend on their invoices’ being paid in a timely fashion. Without the financial wiggle room that larger companies have, you’ve probably felt the weight of pending invoices while trying to run your small business. You shouldn’t have to try to force your clients to pay you on time if you employ practices […]

Small Business Salute: #smallbizsalute

We know through surveys of our members that finding new customers is their biggest challenge, followed by managing family and business responsibilities and handing finances. The UPS Store ran an extensive survey of small business owners about their biggest challenges.  They found: Small-business owners perceive marketing as a challenge. Nearly one-third of all respondents (31%) stated that […]

Six Smart Sources For Funding Your Start Up

You are so excited to start your brand new business! You’ve picked out the office space, the couches, and even asked your friends if they’d work for you when the time comes. The only problem is that you lack one thing – funding. While you might have a couple thousand set aside, it won’t be […]

3 Tips To Stay Organized in 2016

Reflecting on this past year, were there ways you could have ran your business more successfully? Maybe you regret not cleaning your desk more often, or maybe that pile of receipts is haunting you from your drawer. To make this new season easier for you, we’re giving you three easy ways to organize your business for success in […]

The Best Advice For All Mompreneurs

If you are serious about wanting to be a mompreneur you’re going to need hard work and dedication. There’s no reason you can’t enjoy success in this sort of career, but you will need to apply yourself. Many women think that being a parent and going into business for themselves is too difficult. But, hopefully, […]

5 tips to get your business ready for year-end

  As the end of the year approaches, things are starting to pick up speed. Business owners and employees alike are preparing for holiday travel and increased company traffic. Although these plans are exciting and make the time fly by, entrepreneurs need to remember the important tasks that come with the end of the year. […]