Marketing Ideas for a Limited Budget

Do you feel like marketing is something that bigger companies do?  If you want to maximize your sales, marketing needs to be a part of your business activities. One of our members, Melinda Rodrigues, spoke at a recent Business Among Moms event and she gave dozens of creative marketing ideas for a limited budget.   […]

How To Schedule Interview Style Facebook Lives

Would you like to create more Facebook Live videos, and mix it up by doing Facebook Lives with other people?  Or would you like to host a recurring, scheduled, Facebook Live events to develop the habit of doing more live video?  In this post, I’ll show you the platform I use and how to schedule interview style Facebook Lives. […]

PR Lessons from the Clear Knee Mom Jeans

So…this happened.   And everyone is talking about it.  Have you thought, “I’d like to be a fly on the wall during that product development meeting” or “who comes up these ideas”.  However crazy these jeans are, they can teach us a business lesson!  Here are PR Lessons from the Clear Knee Mom Jeans. Be […]

Four Online Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Running a small business in any industry can be difficult, especially when you are competing with larger corporations. To get the word out about your business, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on marketing, but you do know how to have the right tools to maintain interest from fans, followers and site […]

Not To Miss Conferences For Mom Entrepreneurs in 2017

  I am planning like a crazy woman.  Financial scenarios, budgeting, forecasting and my favorite part – deciding which conferences to attend in 2017. As I review the target audience of each, and cost for me to attend, I’m getting so excited for the new connections and the boost in my businesses visibility.  I wanted […]

Getting Your Small Business Holiday Ready

This post is sponsored by the UPS Store. With the holiday season fast approaching, small business owners are preparing for the busiest shopping time of the year. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned pro, here are a few tips to get your small business ready for the holiday season. Memorable Marketing Holiday […]

Five Essential Elements of Email Marketing

Of the many different areas of Internal marketing that your business can engage in, you may find that email marketing is the most productive. However, there are many aspects of this specific type of marketing, and you need to understand them all. The following are among the most important. Building a good list This is […]

Three Reasons People Are Not Buying From You

  Are you wondering why you are having a hard time getting your business off the ground?  Do you have a great product or service but sales just aren’t where they should be? In my years of working with mom entrepreneurs, I’ve learned some critical and simple tips from several of our members that when […]