MINDFULNESS: It’s not all b.s.

From experts to friends, meditation is a hot topic, but what is it exactly? I used to think it was a yoga or meditation thing that took years to perfect.   Nope – It’s simply a way of paying attention to our thoughts in the moment when we find that we’re distracted.  Here’s an example […]

How To Find An Accountability Partner

Last week a question was asked in a Facebook Group I participate in, “Do you have an accountability partner?”  The question initiated a ton of discussion and questions around:What is an accountability partner? How do I find one? I thought I’d cover how to find an accountability partner (and why you should want one!) I […]

How To Avoid The Comparison Trap

  Have you ever seen a fellow business owner share a huge success on social media and felt that green monster called jealousy bubbling up? Social media has made it so easy for us to compare our lives, families, mothering ability and businesses to others and often, we end up feeling like we aren’t measuring […]

How To Stay Motivated When You Want To Quit

How To Stay Motivated When You Want To Quit   I’ve experienced 4 summers in my business now and in all of them but this one, I’ve wanted to quit – sell Business Among Moms, go back to corporate where the paycheck is consistent and the benefits are plentiful. Like many small business owners, things slow […]

Meet The Chief Mom Officer of Business Among Moms

  Recently, I noticed a change in one of the email newsletters that I had been receiving for while.  She started sharing little bits of her life and I found that I was RIVETED.  This is someone that I follow for business reasons, but now I almost enjoy reading them more to find out more […]

The Best Podcasts For Mompreneurs

  There’s a lot of talk about morning routines among entrepreneurs.  I’ve dabbled with the Miracle Morning routine of meditation, visualization, writing and exercising and I’ll say it is very beneficial. The downside is you have to get up much earlier, which is not my strength. I actually had a good laugh at a networking […]

5 Unique Challenges that Prove Mompreneurs Have Super Powers

  Disclosure:  This post is sponsored and compensation was received. Juggling the demands of work and home, today’s Mompreneurs prove that superheroes don’t always wear capes. Mompreneurs are everywhere – female entrepreneurs start twice as many businesses as men according to Entrepreneur. Further, there are more than 10 million women-owned businesses in the U.S. and, when it […]