• Success Summit, May19th-2017

3 Tips To Stay Organized in 2016

Reflecting on this past year, were there ways you could have ran your business more successfully? Maybe you regret not cleaning your desk more often, or maybe that pile of receipts is haunting you from your drawer. To make this new season easier for you, we’re giving you three easy ways to organize your business for success in […]

Have you gotten back into the fall schedule?

As any mompreneur knows, it can sometimes feel like there are a bunch of different factors pulling you in opposite directions at once. Take the morning, for example – you might be prepping for a big presentation at work, but you also has to make lunches, ensure your husband has his briefcase, stop the kids […]

How Mompreneurs Can Stay Organized

Sometimes the home is more than just the place where people eat, sleep and reside. For mompreneurs, it often doubles as the office for their business or maybe even the main storefront. Whether it’s an e-commerce launch pad or a renovated shop welcoming in strangers off the street, the key to running a successful business […]

Post Your UNSELFIE For #Givingtuesday

I’m hoping many of you are like me and wonder how many more “SELFIE’s” can some of your facebook friends post? Sadly, “SELFIE” is word of the year, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. Posting a picture of yourself, taken on your mobile device, along with the hashtag #selfie, has become one of the defining features of […]

Helping Mompreneurs In Need

Last week we notified the applicants to our Mompreneurs In Need program and we are happy to say that 3 mom-run businesses will be getting a $50 Wal-mart Gift Card.  However, that doesn’t come close to helping all the applicants to the program.  Here are a few of the comments from our members: I’ve had […]

Help Other Mompreneurs This Season

As you know, last month we held an auction to benefit our Mompreneurs on a Mission fund to help give 3 of our members a great Christmas for their family.  While it was a blessing to be able to help those 3 families, it was heartbreaking to leave the other 23 applicants behind.  These are […]

Need a Helping Hand for the Holidays?

I’m committed to making BAM a place where our members have all of the support they need to have a thriving business and family.  We all fall on hard times throughout our lives and sometimes could use a little help to keep us moving forward.  Our Mompreneurs on a Mission program gives us an opportunity […]

50 Business Card Magnets Only Two Bucks!

If this isn’t a hot deal, I don’t know what is!  Get 50 business card magnets for only $2…shipping is only $4.99, so that’s only $6.99 out the door!  These are great for just about any mompreneur, so hurry up and get yours today!  Use code MAGNET2 to get your discount!

Set to Succeed: Online Business Course

Times are tough. Moms are tougher. We are a creative and persistant group. With layoffs, paycuts and job losses, many moms need to suplement the family’s income.  With kids at home to care for, getting a job outside of the home can be impossible. Starting a home based business is the answer for many women. […]