Are Facebook Groups A Good Marketing Strategy For You?

Are Facebook Groups A Good Marketing Strategy For You? As Facebook algorithms make it more difficult for fans of your business page to see your posts without paying for ads, many business owners have started Facebook Groups related to their business.This can work really well for certain types of businesses, but as Facebook-land is getting […]

Small Business Salute: #smallbizsalute

We know through surveys of our members that finding new customers is their biggest challenge, followed by managing family and business responsibilities and handing finances. The UPS Store ran an extensive survey of small business owners about their biggest challenges.  They found: Small-business owners perceive marketing as a challenge. Nearly one-third of all respondents (31%) stated that […]

How To Grow Your Network With Facebook Groups

    Do you belong to any Facebook groups?  They can be a fantastic way to build relationships, get access to information, share opportunities and actually do business.  They can also be a spam-fest.  When someone posts in the group with an “ad” do you read it?  Or do you immediately tune out?   Remember that […]

Never Say Never

Hop in your time machine and set the dial to 1995. Imagine two savvy Standford-trained dermatologists, offering you a chance to help promote their new anti-acne product, Proactiv Solution. The business model is sound, but uses a new method to get the word out, called the Infomercial. Knowing what you know now, would you join […]

Business blogging – are you doing it right?

          Are you blogging for business or wondering if you should? Are you confused about the many blogging platforms, social media outlets, and the advice all over the Internet that is sometimes contradictory? If so, you’re not alone. The amount of information is overwhelming, there are multiple platforms available, and a […]

Eliminating Distractions for the WAHM

Ask any work-at-home professional or small business owner what her biggest hurdle is when it comes to tackling her to-do list and she’ll likely tell you it’s the constant distractions. The kids need attention. Email demands to be answered. The phone is ringing. The dog needs fresh water. The list goes on. It’s no wonder […]

Social Media Timesavers: 3 essential tips for Mompreneurs

Have you ever said, “I’m just going to look up that recipe on Pinterest”….only to realize you haven’t moved for two hours?  You know they’re a huge time-waster, but somehow you just can’t pull yourself away from that Facebook game that has your attention, or the beautiful photos of yummy desserts you want to make. […]

4 Simple Solutions To Grow Your Organic Facebook Reach

Unless you have been living under a rock the last few months, you’ve likely seen the Facebook reach for your business page plummet.  The average reach is now 4.5% of your fans. Since Facebook is the largest social media platform with 18 million business pages competing for attention, it makes sense that ultimately your content […]