How To Participate In Facebook Tagging Events

One of the fastest, easiest and FREE ways to grow your business’s Facebook page is to participate in Facebook tagging events.  Known by names such as like ladders, link ups and fan follows, among others, these events are hosted by various pages and give you the opportunity to share your Facebook page for others to […]

3 Takeaways For Mompreneurs From New Media Expo 2014

I went to Las Vegas and didn’t gamble.  What?  How can that be?   I was too busy attending classes, networking and getting my mind blown by phenomenal speakers like Amy Porterfield and Scott Stratten at the New Media Expo.  This conference is an amazing resource if you have a blog, podcast, market using video […]

How Can You Get 250 Free Facebook Likes?

I recently learned about an intriguing service that I thought may be beneficial for our community.  As many of you know, it can be challenging to grow the number of likes for your Facebook page, but its necessary to help give your page credibility or establish your business as being reputable. There are many ways […]

Sneaky Facebook! Finally, a Good Change For Once!

There they go, changing things again.  It’s no surprise that Facebook has made a sneaky change under the radar that affects our business’s page.  But what is surprising is that it’s actually a GOOD change for us!  Go figure!  A few weeks ago, I noticed an important piece of Facebook’s Pages Terms of Services absent […]

Frustrated With Facebook? Beat Them At Their Own Game!

If you’ve felt like tossing your computer out the window in frustration over Facebook’s most recent changes, you’re not alone.  Business’s across the world are reporting that Facebook’s algorithm changes back in the fall have really messed with their ability to connect with their fans.  Take a look at this post that is circulating around […]