Gmail users: How To Save Hours on Email Followup

Do you find yourself sending the same email over and over to people you meet at: Networking Events Trade Shows People that expressed an interest in your product or service If you use Gmail, there is a way you can save hours on email followup – Gmail Canned Responses.  This is a lab that allows […]

Mom’s Guide To Starting A Killer Home Business

As a mom, being a parent will always be job number one. Nevertheless, having a career is still important. Not only are there the financial aspects to consider, but success in business will also provide a sense of satisfaction like no other. Source:   Juggling work with parenting can be difficult. However, the internet has […]

Security Tips for Work-at-Home Moms

If you are a work-at-home mom, the last thing you need on top of all of your other time sinks and responsibilities is having to deal with the consequences of a cyberattack or malware. A bad one can entirely ruin the reputation of your growing business. Looking at it from a personal level, you could […]

Make Money as a Blogging Mom

Over the last ten years or so, the number of people who are engaged in blogging has risen beyond anyone’s expectations. A significant percentage of people who now run a blog and write regular posts, are stay at home moms. Mommy blogging, as it’s known, is a growing sector and an increasing number of blogging […]

4 Keys to Time Management

The two biggest reasons people give for not reaching their goals are: not enough time and not enough money. Call them reasons or call them excuses. It doesn’t matter. Either way, the issues are real. And they can be as unforgiving as quicksand if you’re not sure and steady about your way out. We’ll leave […]

Is Owning A Franchise Right For You?

Those who are considering starting their own businesses may be interested in finding out more about a franchise, a system in which the individual owns his or her own store or restaurant but is not completely independent. The main company will offer a great deal of support to help the individual get started and will […]