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You may have noticed that our blog features and email blasts have become quite popular lately.  And for good reason.  They’re an inexpensive way for you to share your business with a large audience!  They’re great for letting people know about your business opportunity, sales and specials, new product introductions, and more.  Because we value our subscribers and community members, we are now limiting these opportunities to one day per week.  Tuesdays for email blasts and Wednesdays for blog posts.  The process to reserve your dates and pay online is simple.  You can even schedule a series of blasts or features months in advance if you’d like!  Here’s more info on how to do each.

Email Blast

Our email blasts are a great way to share your business with our audience of mompreneurs.  We have over 4,600 people on our list and it grows daily.  When you sign up for an email blast, you’ll submit the text that you’d like and up to 5 images to us.  We then design the email and send it out for you on your specific day.  After it goes to the email inboxes of our list, we also post it to our social networking pages, reaching another 17,000 people!

Benefits of a blast

  • Get your business the solo spotlight in an email to over 4,600 mompreneurs
  • Get shout outs on the Business Among Moms and Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages
  • We design the email for you….just send in your info and we take care of the rest
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  • Cost-$100

Blog Feature

If you’d like to put your business in the spotlight on a high traffic blog, this is the opportunity for you.  Our website receives on average 25,000 page views a month from about 10,000 unique visitors.  A blog feature will showcase you and your business as a Featured Mompreneur where you can share with our audience anything that’s on your mind.  You supply the text and up to 5 images.  We will then design and post your feature.  We will also share your it on our social networking pages, reaching another 17,000 people!

Benefits of a feature

  • Share your business on our website that gets about 25,000 page views per month
  • Get shout outs on the Business Among Moms Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages
  • Excellent opportunity for SEO (search engine optimization) as we use “follow” links to your own website.  This will help your website rank higher in the search engines and has lasting power even after the date your feature posts.
  • You will receive the “as seen on Business Among Moms” button (above) to place on your website or blog that will link to your feature.  This will help build clout and show your customers that you are a popular mompreneur!
  • Sample 1Sample 2Sample 3
  • Cost-$80


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