In-Person Gatherings at Kidd’s Jewelry Heist, 1510 Mission Street, South Pasadena, CA 91030


Every 3rd Wednesday From 10:00AM – 12:00PM Except Summer Months (June, July, August)

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What to Expect:

Motivated, Supportive Women Invested in the Success of the Group and in Each Other. Breakout Groups, Engaging Speakers and Lively Group Discussions in a Casual Environment.

The Perfect “Mash Up” of Women From All Walks of Life

Welcome!! We are a group of super motivated and supportive women who love making referrals and helping each other grow our businesses, as much as we appreciate receiving similar support and interest in return. Our meetings are buzzing with members sharing resources and ideas, and we often invite local influencers to share and lead large group discussions or facilitate small group breakouts.

We are especially unique in that we have an incredibly diverse group of women of various ages and from different industries in our midst. Ranging in talents from realtors, to CPAs, to vendors and creators of essential oils and baby products, to public relations experts and attorneys, we welcome a little bit of everything and businesses in every season – whether you’re just starting out or have been thriving for years. Because we have such an amazing melting pot of ideas and experiences, we are able to share our strengths and what’s worked for us individually, while also learning and discovering new opportunities from those who have “been there.” We love to celebrate our successes, and also gently explore, learn and grow from our failures.

Our meetings are casual, but efficient. We always have an agenda and tend to move through the meeting at a good pace so that we can finish on time. We know what we all will face once we get back in our cars – horrendous traffic! We work hard to finish on time so that everyone can move on to their next appointments. So far, our meetings have been adults only, although kids are welcome! Come prepared to gather in a circle, introduce yourself to a bunch of interested, new friends, and deliver your “elevator speech.” Why? Because you can never get enough practice and this is a safe place to work on refining your confidence and communication when it comes to sharing your purpose and passion with the world! You’re sure to leave with some newfound insights and encouragements, whether it’s recommended reading, an incredible website resource or a creative idea shared by a member or speaker. We commit to making these meetings worth your while and appreciate the investment of time and energy that is made by everyone in attendance.

As our group continues to grow, we are also exploring outside activities that we can do to get together outside of our regular meeting times, and we’re also working on scheduling a group cooking class at a local cooking school – just for fun! We’ll host these bonus gatherings in the evenings to provide additional opportunities to connect, especially for those women who may not always be available for our daytime meetups.

We believe that women entrepreneurs are a special breed, as we are growing our businesses while also raising our children. We are intimately aware of the challenges that come with balancing life as busy moms and motivated business owners. Whether you’re coming to receive support when life tosses you an extra bit of overwhelm, or you’ve already moved through a particularly crazy season of life and now have loads of wisdom to share, this group champions the believe that we can build the businesses of our dreams while also protecting and cherishing our time with family and those we love most. We’re in this thing together!




Greater Pasadena Chapter Leader: Cindi Knight


Cindi is the owner of Girl Friday, a personal assistant service for families and small businesses. Girl Friday offers modern day solutions to old fashioned dilemmas by providing personalized assistance with everything from babysitting to organizing services, to handyman and house cleaning services, and much more. Cindi started Girl Friday in 2012 with some flyers, a handful email addresses and crossed fingers. Growing the business has been a true grassroots effort that today has resulted in hundreds of clients and over 80 Girl Friday freelance service providers. It has also afforded her the opportunity to spend more time with her kids, and being her own boss is pretty great too.

Cindi has a degree in Social Work from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After moving to Los Angeles in 1992, she spent many years in the entertainment industry before starting her own Creative Services business in 2003. After 10 successful years, she walked away from that business, launched Girl Friday and never looked back. It is her great passion to connect people with services that enhance and improve the quality of their day to day lives.

Cindi lives in South Pasadena with her husband and two teenagers who simply adore her and want to hang out with her all the time.


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