If you are wondering what the heck is BAM, it’s just our affectionate acronym for Business Among Moms – BAM!  It’s fitting because the women we attract are full of awesomeness.

We host events that support and showcase mom entrepreneurs and help them build their network.  We’d love to meet you and learn about your business.


Pre-registration required

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You will find a welcoming group of women (most are moms, a few are not) that are here to get educated, share resources, encouragement and network.  We encourage building relationships first, because people do business (and refer business) to those they know, like and trust. We don’t just sell to each other; we celebrate each other.

Small group discussion is followed by either a business speaker or our business showcases.

We know you’ll come away with a few great new connections!


While any woman in business is welcome to attend our events, members receive money-saving and business building benefits:

  • Free/Discounted Event Attendance
  • Private Facebook Group Membership to keep the networking going online
  • Listing in our Business Directory
  • Opportunity to showcase your business at a BAM event
  • Feature of your business on our website (annual, lifetime membership)




Louisville Chapter Leader: Brooke Haynes


Brooke is an entrepreneur Mom that enjoys the juggling act of life!  She works as an Authenticity Agent with Tera Warner.  Authenticity agents support women through online Programs, offer one-on-one coaching, and host local workshops for women who are tired of being  stuck in a rut and are ready to zero in on the causes of the stress in their lives.

While building a business and having a family, she still believes it is important to have a place where women can go to be themselves!  Brooke is excited to bring BAM to Louisville for she knows the women in Louisville can thrive in a setting where the focus is on understanding the LIFE of a woman.

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