Joining a Mastermind can be one of the most affordable and powerful ways to gain momentum in your business.

Do you set goals in your business?  If so, are you meeting them?  Sharing your goals with others sets you on the path to accomplishing them. Masterminds provide accountability to help you reach your goals.

And since many of us work by ourselves, the lack of creative input from others keeps us from reaching certain milestones faster.

The most helpful resource I’ve found in growing my business is collaborating with others either through having accountability partners, planned co-working sessions and masterminding with others in the BAM community.

A mastermind is a small group of entrepreneurs that meets on a regular basis to share business wins, challenges or goals and brainstorm solutions. The best masterminds are small (no more than 10 people) and are in similar stages in their business, although they may be in very diverse industries.  This post talks more about Masterminds and how they can help your business


Each attendee receives 15 minutes to share a win and a challenge or goal in their business. During that time, the other participants and facilitator will give feedback, suggestions and ideas.

Sessions are recorded so you have access afterwords. The end result is forward momentum in your business thanks to the power of the group!

One of the other benefits of a mastermind, is that you get to know the other attendees really well and can end up developing great relationships that may lead to business or referral partners.

We are now accepting applications.  We match participants based on their business and length of time in business. We meet via Zoom twice a month.


If you are interested, please complete this application.


Applying is not a financial commitment. Our masterminds are $97 per month for BAM members or $125 for non-members. A 3 month commitment is required. Discounts are provided if paying for 3 or 6 months at a time.

What are previous participants saying about the BAM Mastermind?

The mastermind was so helpful in every way! It made me feel better about my “failures” and learning experiences and gave me a group to celebrate with. It helped me open up and be less timid with my expertise and helped me remember how much I have to offer. It was amazing creatively as well! I feel it helped each of us branch out.

BAM Mastermind was a very unique experience bringing together a vibrant helpful set of women together. Julie’s experience with business and collaboration combined with Jennifer’s business coaching acumen was a great combination. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to experience a mastermind and take away points to continue growing our business

Each session was very helpful and I feel like I got the most out of them from listening to the other participant’s problems

We hope that you will consider a mastermind as a way to move your business forward. If you have any questions, feel free to holler at julie (at) businessamongmoms (dot) com