Google + Blueprint


Type:  eBook (PDF)

Pages:  29


What Google+ is and why it Matters

  • 9 Facts about Google Plus Pages and Your Business

How to set up a Google+ business page

  • Choosing a type of page
  • Customising your profile
  • Promoting your page
  • Hangouts
  • Adding Google+ to Your Website
  • List Building, Video Marketing
  • Further Optimisation

The benefits of Google+

  • 5 Ways Google+ Changes Search
  • Improving Google Search
  • Improved Search Results Quality
  • Changing How You Get Traffic
  • What’s the marketing takeaway for us as warriors
  • Improved Click-Through Rates
  • Direct Connect
  • How to Set Up Google+ Direct Connect

Best practices for Marketing on google+

  • Optimize Your Business Presence on Google+
  • Share Lots of Photos
  • Recommend Links
  • Promote Your Google+ Page on Your Blog and Website
  • Sharing Your Posts
  • Analyze Traffic and Leads From Google+
  • Use Circles to Communicate
  • Hangouts and Ideas for Hangouts
  • Pimping Out Your Pages
  • Enable Google Analytics Integration for +1
  • Communication
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