Pinterest Expert Video, Part 1: What is Pinterest?


Type:  Video

Length:  4:57

Pinterest is the hottest new social marketing trend and is a MUST do for any mompreneur.  Pinterest currently has 1.36 million daily users, most of whom are mothers, have an annual household income greater than $100,000, and who spend on average 3 hours a day on the site!  It has more users than Linked In, Google + and YouTube....COMBINED!

There's plenty of business to be made on Pinterest, but, one must learn all about Pinterest first so they know what they're getting into and can do it successfully.  The Pinterest Expert video series will help you do just that.  This series is broken down into 6 modules.  You may purchase each one, or, just the ones that interest you.

Part 1:  What is Pinterest? 

Learn the basics of Pinterest, how it works, the correct terminology and how to get started with the site.

Price: $2
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